About the artist


Jennifer Zizman is a Canadian artist living on the Westcoast of Canada. She was born in Canada and has always lived close to nature. This has given her a great love and appreciation for the power of the natural world. Although nature is one of her main influences, her work is mostly abstract in expression, and deals with a variety of themes. In her bold and glamorous painting style, she creates dynamic, colourful contemporary abstracts.

She completed her Fine Arts degree from the University of Victoria B.C., and continued studies in art and design in Mexico and Sante Fe NM. Travel is one of her passions, and she has travelled extensively, taking in artistic inspiration from all over the world. Painting, selling artwork and teaching is her focus. She is also an advocate for children’s creativity and artistic development.

In addition to her studio practice as a painter, Jennifer also teaches art classes, and works with children. She has over a decade of experience teaching to various ages in a variety of settings, having taught in both public and private schools, as well as her own studio.  Her active lifestyle allows her to live close to nature, spending lots of time near lakes, mountains and in her flower-filled country garden that surrounds her art studio. She spends time both on Vancouver Island and in Whistler, enjoying the powerful influence of both ocean and mountains.

Her paintings are displayed in shows and galleries throughout Canada. Studio visits are welcome.

Inquires can be sent through the contact page on this site.


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